4th Congress on Innovation in Drug Delivery
Site-Specific Drug Delivery
25-28 September, 2016
Antibes-Juan-les-Pins, France

Chairs and Organizing Committee


Prof. Anna Rita Bilia (University of Florence, Italy)

Prof. Elias Fattal (University of Paris Sud, France)

Prof. Massimo Fresta (University of Catanzaro, Italy)

Dr. Maria-Teresa Peracchia (Sanofi, France)


Organizing Committee

Dr. Regis Cazes (Medelpharm, France)

Prof. Odile Chambin (University of Dijon, France)

Prof. Paola Mura (University of Florence, Italy)

Prof. Gianfranco Pasut (University of Padova, Italy)

Prof. Giovanna Pitarresi (University of Palermo, Italy)

Prof. Juergen Siepmann (University of Lille, France)

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